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Captain Tasty's Place-mat is an object seen in the episode "Winter Light". It is presumably the place-mat from a pre-Mushroom War restaurant.


The words "Captain Tasty's" are written in squiggly, 3D red print, and the color of the place-mat is light green. It contains a maze, a word search, and multiple drawings. To the left of the maze is a drawing of a pirate with a yellow beard, red coat, hook for a hand, and a black hat with a green feather. To the right of the maze is a drawing of a money bad atop gold coins. Beneath the maze, the words, "Can you help Captain Tasty find the hidden treasure?" in a plain, black 2D font. Beneath the drawing of the pirate, the words "Kidz Meal" is written in a squiggly, 3D purple font; below that is a picture of breaded fish or chicken, french fries, shrimp, and an unknown sauce on a white plate. To the right, there is the word search.


  • Jake claims that the word search is too hard.
  • There are several sea-themed words in the search, including boat, ahoy, sea, trim, and jib.
  • The pirate drawing is presumably the restaurant's logo, Captain Tasty.