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Canyon's Song is a song that is featured in the episode "Mama Said". It is sung by Ako Castuera (Canyon's voice actress). Canyon sang this song when she was looking for her family's sacred spring. Finn and Jake heard it and went to find where it was coming from only to find Canyon, much to their surprise. Canyon later said that the song had no meaning and was just procrastinating.


Canyon: I know you are looking for a
Finn: [talking] You hear that?
Jake: [talking]Yeah
Canyon: Sea that lies beyond your reach
Jake: [talking] It's pretty
Canyon: But I'm hoping my heart can stop you
Before you reach the beach
Jake: [talking] You wanna go check it out?
Finn: [talking] Yeah
Canyon: I know you have places to go
I know that you want the sea
But I'm hoping my heart will grow
And that you'll come back to me