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Canyon is Billy's ex-girlfriend who appears in the episodes "Billy's Bucket List" and "Mama Said".


Canyon is a very tall humanoid: roughly the height of Billy. She wears a headband, a lime-green dress, a belt with a blue gem in the center, and brown knee-high boots. She also carries a small, dark-blue strap bag. Canyon has long, dark-cyan hair, light-cyan skin, and a yellow crescent moon on her forehead. Her eyes are green, and her ears are pointy like an elf's. She also has an overbite.




Canyon became friends with Finn as she helped him finish Billy's bucket list, and gave Finn Billy's loin cloth. According to Canyon, Finn reminded her of Billy when he was younger, which may have–along with their shared connection with Billy–been the cause of the two becoming friends. She had offered Finn advice when they encountered each other in the episode "Mama Said".

Love interests[]


Canyon used to date Billy, but severed their relationship four years before the events of "Billy's Bucket List". This was because Billy began to lose faith in the good brought on by his heroic acts and started to believe that it was no longer worth his effort.

She mentions that the two were once a "power couple," which is exemplified in the flashbacks of them riding Billy's motorcycle and slaying monsters with swords.


  • Canyon stated that she and Billy broke up four years before his death, and while Billy has clearly aged, Canyon's appearance has remained unchanged. This could probably mean either she's much younger than Billy was, or that she is possibly a kind of Water Elemental that ages more slowly than most beings.
    • The latter theory may be supported by her parting the river water to return home, and her skillful manipulation of her family's sacred spring.


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