Charlie first appears in "Apple Thief." He is the bartender at the Candy Tavern. Finn and Jake question him about the disappearance of Tree Trunks' apples. He leads Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks to Jaybird and Smudge after, so it is likely that he has some sort of arrangement with Jaybird's gang. Charlie also makes a cameo in "Dream of Love," and he serves Lumpy Space Princess cucumber water in the episode "Bad Timing."


Charlie appears to be a dark green upside-down ice cream cone with little stubs of hair on his face and back. His cone acts as a hat and his body segments get bigger lower on his body.


Seen any apples? Ya'll ask a lot of dumb-butt questions. Almost like you're trying to solve something.

—"Apple Thief"

Hmm... Clean too. Almost like some *slams table* do-gooders.

—"Apple Thief"

Well, when you put it like that, a couple of buddies have some apples for sale. I'll show you. *To Jaybird* Hey fellas, these folks been asking about your apples.

—"Apple Thief"

Have you tried burning an effigy? That's what they do in movies.

—"Bad Timing"


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