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Candy Scramble is an Adventure Time game on the Cartoon Network website. The game is about the Royal Tourna-Mint held at the Candy Kingdom by Princess Bubblegum in which one plays against an opponent in a sport similar to football.


The object of the game is to score more goals than one's opponent by passing,


Offensive formation

running, catching, tackling, and scoring, and ultimately winning the League Championship. The Player has the choice of Offensive or Defensive formation. If one does 


Defensive formation

well in a match, they are awarded coins which can be spent on items and training. In Career Mode, each match is 90 seconds long; in Single Match mode, the matches can also be 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes long.

Training and Upgrades[]


  • Honey Juice Box - This honey-based elixir will boost the team's running speed. Affects all players.
  • Magic Donuts - They're magic freakin' donuts! The magical filling allows players to throw the ball harder. Affects all players.
  • Stone Skin Potion - Toughen up you team! This extra strength enchantment lets players hit harder and feel less pain. Affects all players.
  • Sweatbands - These stylish headbands offer extra padding that will improve a player's ability to take hits and recover quickly. Affects all players.
  • Wristbands - It's all in the wristbands! These fluffy elastic bands will make it easier for players to quickly pass the ball. Affects all players.


  • Speed Training - A pack of hungry wolves will chase all players until they learn to be faster. You'll see improvements in at least a few of your players.
  • Throwing Training - Neptr the pie-throwing robot will teach your team to pass and shoot with more power. It's your ticket to the gun show. You'll see improvements in at least a couple of players.
  • Tackle Training - Susan Strong will school your players on how to take an opponent down. You'll see improvements in at least a couple of players.
  • Toughness Training - Your team will visit the Marauders for a little roughhousing! They'll show your team how to take a hit. You'll see improvements in at least a couple of players.
  • Passing Training - Bufo will teach your players the throwicus spell. They'll pass more accurately and be able to catch the ball at full speed. Razzamafoo! You'll see improvements in a few of your players.


  • Long Bomb - Mystery Badge (Do a goal from 50 yards away, 200 Points).
  • Lightning Legs - Win a Match With Only Running Goals (150 Points)
  • Golden Arm - Win a Match With Only Thrown Goals (150 Points)
  • Sweet Shutout - Win a Match Without Letting Your Opponent Score (150 Points)
  • Candy Captain - Win a Match (100 Points)
  • Scramble Champ - Win the League Championship (200 Points)