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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

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The Candy Queen is an alternate version of Princess Bubblegum seen in Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake. 100 years ago, the Winter King cured his insanity by projecting his crown's madness onto Princess Bubblegum, causing her to go insane in his place. This led to her becoming the Candy Queen, and ruined the Candy Kingdom. At the end of "The Winter King", she regains her sanity following the loss of the crown's magic and Winter King's death.

While cursed, she is obsessed with being with the Winter King, kidnapping him on multiple occasions prior to Fionna, Cake, and Simon's arrival. In "The Winter King", she kidnaps the Winter King and Simon, intending to drop all three of them into a giant blender to fuse them together forever. This plan is thwarted by Fionna and Cake, but upon the Winter King's death, her sanity is restored and she, now as Princess Bubblegum, thanks the group for their efforts.


The Candy Queen, in her cursed form, still appears as a gum person, like Princess Bubblegum. However, her countenance is far more sinister-looking, and more closely resembles that of the Ice King. Her eyes are very large, and she has heterochromia (with her left eye being green and her right eye being pink). Like Ice King, she has a pointy nose and sharp teeth. Her hair is bright pink and filled with various candy pieces and is very long, with two halves pointing opposite directions with her crown around the top of the right tuft. She wears a purple footed onesie.

In her non-cursed form, she looks identical to Princess Bubblegum in the standard timeline.


Initially, the Candy Queen is shown to be completely insane. She is completely obsessed with the Winter King, wanting to be with him forever and kidnapping him to accomplish this. She also desired to go a step further by blending their flesh together, though Winter King states that this is an escalation from her normal behavior. She is also shown to be somewhat musically inclined, stating she only plays originals, and immediately following this claim plays "Baked With Love" on her keyboard. As a result of her madness, she is also considerably cruel to her subjects, mutilating them into candy-based monstrosities and abusing them on a whim. She also appears to have some rather crude habits, as demonstrated when she scratched her buttocks with the Winter King's crown.

Upon regaining her sanity, her personality appears similar to Princess Bubblegum. She shows frustration at being reminded as her time while succumbed to madness, as she did not wish to think about it. She also shows concern for her subjects, as she quickly wanted to meet her candy people.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the incarnation of the Candy Elemental in her universe, the Candy Queen has the ability to create any kind of candy. She was able to create a giant wad of gum to trap Winter King and Simon during her attack on the Winter Kingdom. She also uses her hair to create candy-themed objects, such as a scoop of ice cream in the shape of the Winter King's head during her musical number, and a candy cane sword that she used to attack Fionna.


  • Due to her insanity being a result of the Crown's madness, the Candy Queen resembles the Ice King of the main universe.
    • Both kidnap the targets of their affection.
    • Both use music to describe their feelings.
      • Additionally, the Candy Queen's keyboard might be a parallel to the Ice King's drums.
  • The Candy Queen appears to have fully mastered her powers, unlike the main universe's Princess Bubblegum.
  • She speaks with a distinct New York accent, similar to DC supervillain Harley Quinn, whom Hynden Walch has also played in several iterations of the Batman series.
  • Her green and pink eyes match the colored goggles of the Yak that the main universe's Princess Bubblegum rode in "Bonnibel Bubblegum".