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This article is about Candy Person 59. You may be looking for the Green Lollipop Girl from "James Baxter the Horse."

Lollipop Girl is an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom who first appears in "Slumber Party Panic." In "Mystery Train," she falls victim to one of the mysterious "deaths" staged by Jake. In this episode, she is revealed to think about Ice Cream Guy while listening to Pineapple Guy's song. She is seen again in "Go With Me" at Couples Only Movie Night kissing Ice Cream Guy. Additionally, Lollipop Girl appears in the opening theme of Adventure Time. BMO films Lollipop Girl in the episode "Video Makers."

Up until "Five Short Graybles," where she sings "These Lumps" at the talent show with Chocoberry, Gumdrop Lass 1, Gumdrop Lass 2, and a chocolate covered banana, she never spoke. Her first clearly spoken words are in "Davey." She speaks again in "One Last Job," where she is in the middle of a date with Gareth. She appears again in "Root Beer Guy," riding the metro.


She has green skin and very short, bobbed brown hair. Her eyes are U-shaped with long eyelashes when shut, and black, circular dots with two eyelashes pointing out at the sides when opened. She also has a green collar, presumably resembling the knot of a lollipop wrapper. She wears a green shirt, a skirt, with dark green boots and sash belt. She is very thin. As seen in "The Enchiridion!," her original design had pale paper skin, blonde hair and a light-blue dress with a white collar.


Ice Cream Guy[]

Ice Cream Guy and Lollipop Girl are in love. In "Mystery Train" it was revealed that Pineapple Guy plays a song with his flute that reminds her of him. In "Go with Me," they were seen making out during the movie.


Gareth and Lollipop was in the middle of a date in a restaurant in "One Last Job." He was hypnotizing her into giving everything she owned. However, he was unsuccessful because Jake's call interrupted him.

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Go away, weirdo!


[laughing] Oh Branard, you sure?

—"One Last Job"

I do. Branard, don't ever leave me! I'll give you everything—my fabric, my dress patterns, my marbles, my social standing— [Gets interrupted by Gareth's watch]

—"One Last Job"


  • Her gender-swapped version is Lollipop Boy.
  • Lollipop Girl is Pen's favorite candy person, because "she's hot."[1]
  • She was designed by Natasha Allegri.[2]
  • According to Natasha Allegri, she is French and can rip her wrapper face off and change it.[3]


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