Pineapple Guy is a Candy Person. He is first seen in "Slumber Party Panic."

In "Ricardio the Heart Guy" as one of the candy people in the crowd near Ricardio. In "Mystery Train," he is one of the final suspects as the mystery murderer. In that episode, Finn calls him out for playing a song for Lollipop Girl and also suspects him of stealing Dr. Ice Cream's cabbage. Shortly after this accusation Pineapple Guy is "murdered." After Finn discovers the murders were a ruse, the "victims" (including Pineapple Guy) appear at his party.

Pineapple Guy is also seen as a candy zombie in "From Bad to Worse." As a candy zombie Pineapple Guy grows wings and carries Starchy away. He then throws Starchy through the boarded Candy Castle windows allowing the zombies to get inside. Pineapple Guy's most recent appearance is in "Five Short Graybles," in which he is one of the Candy Kingdom Talent Show spectators.


Pineapple Guy looks as if he is wearing a pineapple suit; whether this is actually part of his body is unknown. He wears green socks with frilly tufts at the tip and no shoes. Pineapple Guy has blue skin outside of his pineapple.


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