Chocolate Covered Banana is a Candy Person that is in the Candy Kingdom Talent Show. She sings "These Lumps" with Chocoberry, Lollipop Girl, Gumdrop Lass 1 and Gumdrop Lass 2. She made her first appearance in "Five Short Graybles," but was made prior to the episode. There are many Candy People shown in other episodes with similar appearance, but with a white covering instead of chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Banana makes a brief appearance in "Princess Cookie," playing chess against a Chocolate Chip in the mental institution.


Chocolate Covered Banana looks like a peeled banana with chocolate topping on about half of her body. She has an upside down strawberry on her head; the top half of it is also covered in chocolate. Her arms and legs are both parts of her banana body. In "Five Short Graybles" she is seen with a shirt that says "Moon Daddy"


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