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Mr. Cream Puff (also known as Old Mr. Cream Puff, Young Mr. Cream Puff or Cream Puff) is a resurrected Candy Person who first appears in "Slumber Party Panic". Princess Bubblegum mentions that they "used to date" before she brings him back as a zombie due to her faulty decorpsinator serum. About to attack Princess Bubblegum, he says, "Gimme some sugar, baby", but Finn quickly knocks him away. With her completed potion, she returns Mr. Cream Puff to his normal self.

Mr. Cream Puff appears again in "The Vault", in which Princess Bubblegum refers to him as "Young Mr. Cream Puff" while she looks over her kingdom. She says that all Candy People are like her children with the exception of Mr. Cream Puff, who is more like her boyfriend.

In the episode "Bonnibel Bubblegum", a flashback reveals that Mr. Cream Puff was created by Gumbald to be Bubblegum's "boyfriend" take her on a "date" as a distraction while he plotted to find a way to control her. Gumbald based Mr. Cream Puff on a pre-Mushroom War teen magazine Bubblegum had retrieved called "Crazy 4 Cuties". In the episode, Mr. Cream Puff displays little personality other than acting like a broad definition of a "boyfriend" (picking Bubblegum up in a car, opening the door for her, etc). Bubblegum calls the date "terrible", indicating that while Mr. Cream Puff regarded her in a manner similar to a stereotypical "boyfriend", the two were not actually involved in a romantic manner, hence her referring to him as "like my boyfriend" in the flashback in "The Vault".


He looks like a cream puff, hence his name. He has chocolate on the top of his head, and wears a sailor hat. Like a cream puff, he is probably filled with cream or ice cream. He, like many other candy people, has long arms (longer than his body) and short legs.

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  • The phrase "Gimme some sugar, baby!" is a quadruple entendre:
    • Princess Bubblegum is a Candy Person, and since he is a Candy Zombie, he wanted to eat her.
    • He was once in a relationship with Princess Bubblegum, as seen in "The Vault" and "Bonnibel Bubblegum".
    • It is a line from the movie Army of Darkness, the main antagonists of which are members of the undead.
    • "Sugar Baby" is a brand of candy.
  • His hat resembles Flapjack's hat.
  • It is revealed in, "Bonnibel Bubblegum" that Mr. Cream Puff was created by Gumbald, not Princess Bubblegum.