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Jam Jam first appears in "Slumber Party Panic" as one of the revived Candy People. He has another minor appearance in "Too Young," in which he is in a cage hanging from the ceiling and seen while Lemongrab has fallen and eaten dirt, later appeared in the dungeon with other candy people. Jam Jam appears in "What Was Missing" when the Door Lord steals his toy train. He plays with the train as if it is a fighter jet, and based on the tendency of the Door Lord to steal most valued possessions it is likely the train is important to him. His most recent appearance is in "Dream of Love," in which he is sitting in the stands with a pink bubblegum bubble candy person to watch Princess Bubblegum's performance. Jam Jam gets distressed because of Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig kissing to the point that he screams.

Finn seems to recognize him as a child. When the Door Lord steals his train in "What Was Missing," Finn says "I'll get your kid back, toy!"

Jam Jam makes an appearance in "Princess Cookie" as one of the hostages.


Jam Jam looks like a round piece of chocolate with white cream of some sort on top, similar to a typical malt ball candy, with a purple and pink striped party hat on his head.

Episode appearances[]

Minor appearances[]



—"What Was Missing"

This is making me uncomfortable.

—"Dream of Love"

This is too much! Aah! Aaah! It's driving me crazy!

—"Dream of Love"


  • Jam Jam was never seen getting his toy back, but Adam Muto states that he did, along with indirectly confirming his name.[1]
  • Jam Jam seems to have a child's voice in "What Was Missing," but he has a deeper voice when he actually talks in "Dream of Love."