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The Wafer Guy is one of the Candy People at the Candy Kingdom Talent Show in "Five Short Graybles." He never performs onscreen, so it is likely that he had already performed. When Lumpy Space Princess talks to him and Chet backstage and says "everyone's worthless at this talent show," he is not offended. After she demonstrates her act by singing "These Lumps," Candy Magician reassures her that she is going to win.


You're totally gonna win, LSP.


Wafer looks like a wafer with a white filling of some sort. His legs are striped yellow and orange, while the majority of his body is yellow with a darker yellow frosting on one side. He wears a tuxedo and a small top hat. He also has a magic wand in his right hand and two cards in his left, customary of the traditional magician outfit.

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