The Candy Mother is a Candy Person who first appears in "Dream of Love." She is first seen sitting on a park bench with her baby and is then shocked to find Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig making out in her baby's carriage. She at first appears to be tranquil, but she has no problem yelling at Tree Trunks and Pig and dumping them out of the carriage. She reappears in "Hug Wolf" as one of the Candy People that watch as Finn is imprisoned. In "Gold Stars," she is among the Candy People that the King of Ooo and Toronto pickpocket.


Candy Mother is shaped like candy corn, but she is light pink rather than orange, white, and yellow. She wears blue tights, a blue skirt, and a light-blue blouse with a darker blue collar, and puffed sleeves. She is bald. She has a high, scratchy voice.

Episode appearances

Minor appearances


This carriage is for babies!

—"Dream of Love"

For babies!

—"Dream of Love"

Oh, baby.

—"Hug Wolf"



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