The Candy Kingdom Talent Show is a talent show held in the Candy Kingdom hosted by Peppermint Butler in the episode "Five Short Graybles." The contestants were Lumpy Space Princess, Chocoberry, Lollipop Girl, Marc, Gumdrop Lass 1, Gumdrop Lass 2, Chocolate Covered Banana, and presumably others. Finn and Jake also participated in the show unintentionally. It is unclear how frequently the show is held, but it appears not to be very popular as there are only 11 seats for the audience, 4 of which are empty (probably five while Marc was performing).

A Candy Magician and Chet are seen backstage talking with Lumpy Space Princess. Lumpy Space Princess may have been the last contestant, because Peppermint Butler quickly said "That was the most amazing thing ever! Lumpy Space Princess wins!" The act may have also just been so much clearly better than the others. 

Featured talents (in order)

  • Some normal basketball shots by Marc, he makes two out of ten.
  • "These Lumps," by Chocoberry, Lollipop Girl, Chocolate Covered Banana, Gumdrop Lass 1, and Gumdrop Lass 2.
  • The beginning of "These Lumps," by Lumpy Space Princess.
  • Trick basketball shots involving throwing the basketball and bouncing it off a member of the audience into the goal by Lumpy Space Princess, she makes three out of three.
  • A "super ultimate high five" by Finn and Jake.


  • In her usual grace, Lumpy Space Princess says "everyone's worthless at this talent show" to the wafer that had probably presented in the show.
  • Apparently, one doesn't need to be participating legitimately in the talent show to win it.
  • Marc is seen in the crowd, making him the only presenter to return to the audience.
  • This contest seems to lack judges, prize, and registration.
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