"Candy Kingdom Open Mic Rap Battle" is a song sung by a Gingerbread man and Son of Rap Bear in the episode of the same name, this is the rap battle in wich Son of Rap Bear is presented to the spactators and finn and Flame Princess.


Gingerbread Man: You a small bear with fuzzy hair over there
Get away from me I don't wanna share my air
Doesn't matter where, anywhere
Everywhere with you
Chop you in two with my rap kung fu
Are you scared of me? Boo!
Son of Rap Bear: You're like a cookie who's about to crumble
Your rapping is stale
Also you mumble
Did you just make a mistake?
Smelling like a cake who just stumbled into a lyrical rumble
Your raps causes naps
You look a little frail and you're about to collapse
You know you got beat when you hear the people's claps
Looks at Finn and Flame Princess
Look who decided to come out to play
The news on the streets is you're gonna battle me at Rap Fest Day
This is a joke right? Hear me out
What are you even gonna rap about?
You've been in the bottle since the age of two
I've got shampoo more worldly than you
I would do laps around your raps
I crush my opponents and collect the caps
If you wanna keep yours on I suggest you run
People holla at me because I'm number one


  • Son of Rap Bear's Part has 2 Lines and 7 seconds more than Gingerbread Man's
  • When Son of Rap Bear is rapping to Flame Princess he references the time she was in the lantern
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