The Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital is located in the Candy Kingdom. It is a small, castle-shaped building. In "Princess Cookie," Baby Snaps is taken here after his attempted suicide. Doctor Princess works at the front desk. Patients, including Royal Tart Toter and an elderly candy corn, play games, and some of them wear straitjackets.


The building's walls are peach-colored with a brown roof, inside the building, hand-drawn posters of animals and words such as "Stay Calm," "You'r [sic] Special," and "Don't Run" hang on the walls. The patients seem to acknowledge Baby Snaps as their ruler after they see Jake present him with a crown. Doctor Princess can be seen through a window when Jake enters.


  • Doctor Princess appears to work in more than two different locations: the Candy Mental Hospital, the Rock Hospital, and occasionally the Candy Kingdom, possibly implying that she specializes in multiple fields, including both medicine and caregiving for the mentally disabled.


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