The Candy Kingdom Hospital is an area inside of Princess Bubblegum's castle where doctors treat patients located in the Candy Kingdom. It seems to also allow non-Candy People to be treated, along with non-Candy People staff.

The hospital was first seen in "No One Can Hear You" wherein Finn is hospitalized for broken legs. Its second appearance was at the end of "Lady & Peebles," after Princess Bubblegum replaces Ice King's heart and Lady Rainicorn tells Jake that she is pregnant. It appears a third time in "Wizards Only, Fools," in which Starchie receives treatment because of a cold. In the episode "Jake Suit," Finn again gets hospitalized, this time with Jake because they jumped into a volcano, and are treated by the Clown Nurses.


The inside of the hospital is just like any ordinary one. It has a waiting room, and when entering into the patient's room, the room is filled with several beds. Next to the beds are fish-shaped water bags and cardiac monitors. On the footboards of each bed is a small whiteboard which has the patient's name on it. More of the hall was shown in "Do No Harm," revealing that there are multiple rooms, and in "Two Swords" it was shown that the hospital seems to be located within the main castle.

Notable staff


  • It is unknown whether the room the Candy People who were affected by the Freezer Burn Flu in "What Have You Done?" were placed in is this hospital, or a separate hospital or room. The same can also be said in "Mortal Recoil" when Princess Bubblegum was rushed in.


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