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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

The Candy Kingdom is the Winterworld version of the main universe's Candy Kingdom that was featured in the Fionna & Cake episode "The Winter King". Like its main-universe counterpart, this version of the kingdom is completely made of candy, albeit with more crude and misshaped designs which reflects the madness of its ruler, the Candy Queen.


One-hundred years prior the events of Fionna and Cake, the Ice King of this universe found a way to transfer the cursed madness of the Ice Crown into another host, that being Princess Bubblegum. Upon her transformation into the Candy Queen, society within the kingdom degraded as the insanity she inherited was passed onto the Candy People, making them devolve into mindless, malformed beasts. Since then, the kingdom was constantly in conflict with the newly-formed Winter Kingdom due to the Candy Queen's newly-developed obsession of their ruler, the Winter King.

Shortly after the arrival of Fionna, Cake, and Simon Petrikov in this universe, the Candy Queen again invaded the Winter Kingdom and made off with Winter King as well as Simon. With the help of the Ice Scouts, Fionna and Cake led an attack into the Candy Kingdom and brutally slaughtered all of the bestial Candy People along the way. Right before the Candy Queen was about to drop both Simon and Winter King into a giant stand mixer, Fionna knocked her out with a dropkick. After Fionna freed both men, she and Winter King shared a kiss, but not before Fionna inadvertently canceled out the magic of the Ice Crown which caused the Winter King to revert back to his human form and age into dust.

With the Winter King's death, the madness curse on the Candy Queen was broken, restoring her back into her true self. It can be assumed afterwards that Princess Bubblegum worked to restore her kingdom back to its former glory.

In the season finale "Cheers", when Simon briefly visits the Winterworld, the Candy Kingdom can be seen off in the distance.


Unlike the elegant and elaborate designs of its prime counterpart, the structures in this version of the Candy Kingdom are giant upside-down ice cream cones with big holes that have what appears to be pink frosting or ice cream oozing out of them. The land is blanketed in pink clouds or fog that resemble cotton candy, possibly conjured by the Candy Queen's elemental magic.

The Candy Queen's castle[]

The Candy Queen's castle is the largest and tallest ice cream cone that is completely covered with pink frosting with an assortment of candy sprinkles as well as wraps of licorice. The castle's spire is topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Similar to the face-like windows of the Ice King's castle, the top portion of the Candy Queen's castle has a gaping hole like a mouth as well as two red sprinkles that resemble eyes.