The Candy Kids appear in "Goliad." They are seen in a daycare and seem to be under lax supervision. In the episode, the children are seen as being very loud and very rough with their surroundings and with each other, as one child pulled another's arm off and hit him with it. Despite the Candy Nanny being present, she showed no interest in getting the children to behave as they climbed upon her and even painted her face.

When Jake arrived with Goliad, they saw Jake as a new plaything and jumped upon him and hid under his eyelids. Their rowdy behavior caused Jake to yell at them as to put them in order, and command them to walk outside in a single file line. Goliad duplicated what she seen Jake do, as well as using her psychic ability to move the children at her own will.

They also appear in "James Baxter the Horse," when James Baxter cheers them up. Their latest appearance is in "Food Chain".


  • One purple Candy Kid was never seen in the episode, but appeared on a modelsheet.


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