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Candy Cane Guy is a Candy Person from the Candy Kingdom. He first appears in "Slumber Party Panic" and plays an important role in the episodes "Mystery Train" and "From Bad to Worse." He appears briefly in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," being hugged by Lumpy Space Princess, and he attends Princess Bubblegum's concert in "Dream of Love."

In "Mystery Train," he is the first of the passengers to be "murdered." Since he has little to no control over the way his body rotates when in motion, he smacks Colonel Candy Corn every time the train goes over a bump. This happens several times, infuriating Colonel Candy Corn to the point of exclaiming, "I'm gonna kill you!" leading the other passengers to believe the colonel is the murderer.

In "From Bad to Worse," he becomes a zombie, pops out of a locker, and tries to eat Jake, biting him on the hand and infecting him.


He resembles a large candy cane wearing a brown fedora. In most appearances, he has light and dark green stripes. In "Mystery Train," however, his stripes are pink and red instead of green and white.


Colonel, I am so sorry.

—"Mystery Train"

What's happening? I forgot my glasses!

—"Dream of Love"

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  • In "Dream of Love," it is revealed that he wears glasses.
  • In "Mortal Recoil," multiple characters resembling Candy Cane Guy were seen, although they were not all wearing fedoras.
  • In the app "Rock Bandits," he reveals that his hat stays on his head because he licks the hat before he puts it on.
  • His red variation is seen in Skyhooks II making him one of the few people unaffected by the mega-spell.
  • Candy Cane Guy has a gender-swapped version of himself.


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