Cameladabalawabapp (pronounced kama-la-da-ba-la-wa-ba [blow raspberry]) is a traditional game played by Rainicorns. It is shown in the episode "Her Parents." It is played by two or more Rainicorns using their power to change the color of objects. The rules of the game are to see which Rainicorn can make the most unique color. When the Rainicorns play it, they only need to use their powers to change the color of an object after they shout "Cameladabalawabapp."

When Jake plays it he stretches his "horn" to touch Finn, as he doesn't actually have Rainicorn powers. Finn then held his breath, turning his face a red color which made Bob and Ethel believe Jake had used Rainicorn powers. Jake mispronounces the name of the game both times he says it; one such mispronunciation is "cabladapuabapp."


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