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Cake People are the species of Candy Person that reside in Gumbaldia. They are both the citizens and the protectors of the kingdom. From what has been seen from past episodes, they are the only citizens of Gumbaldia.


The Cake People were first seen in the episode "Gumbaldia", where they were seen walking around the newly-established city as its citizens.

In the episode "Come Along With Me", a Cake Person is first seen spying on Princess Bubblegum in her tent, where he was quickly incapacitated by Huntress Wizard. An army of the Cake People were next seen during a scene where the two apposing kingdoms faced each other in combat. Each of the Cake People were seen holding purple guns.

While trying to intimidate Princes Bubblegum, Gumbald took a lemon from one of the Cake People and destroyed it with The Cake's laser, causing all the Cake People that were around the lemon to flee.

Closer to the end of the episode, GOLB arrived and used his abilities to turn a group of Cake People into the Cake People Mutant, which was destroyed at the end of the episode.


The Cake People appear to all have purple clothes with cakes for heads. Some Cake People have their faces on the side of the cake while others have their faces on the frosting part. The location of their face determines how the cake is positioned on their heads. Somewhat like the Banana Guards with their canes, most Cake People carry guns. Citizens have been seen wearing hats, jackets, and pants.


Much like the Banana Guards, they have a goofy personality when they’re supposed to be serious. From what was seen they are very oblivious to the events that unfold and they appear to simply do whatever their leader tells them to do.

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  • Much of their personality and their levels of intelligence is unknown. It can be concluded that it is varied, seeing as they all have different occupations, which was shown in the episode "Gumbaldia."