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Cake's Tough Break 2 is the sequel and the gender-swapped version of Jake's Tough Break. In the game, Cake must reach a gender-swapped version of Magic Man's hat by pulling of her limbs and reassembling them. The music and the background is different from its pre-sequel.


The story begins with Cake chasing a female Magic Man who has BMO with her. When Cake is just about to get her from a cliff, the gender-swapped Magic Man uses her magic on Cake, resulting Cake being separated from her limbs.


The controls remain the same from its pre-sequel: Left and Right keys to move, Up key to jump, Spacebar to remove a limb, and down key to retrieve a limb, but only if they are close to Cake (and vice versa). Cannons do not return and are changed with spitters. Spitters eat limbs that are close to it and spit them out. Note that they do not spit if Cake and her body are to close to it and her whole body can't get eaten by them. Black glue is also introduced. It can be kicked in its solid from and turn to liquid form when dropped. The hat and limbs get stuck when they are contact with the black glue. Note that Cake can walk on black glue only if she has legs. Rope is also introduced. Cake can travel through the rope if she has two hands. The hat can walk automatically on some levels if Cake is close to it, making the level more challenging.


Nip It!: Mystery Badge: Find the Catnip (150 Points)

Yay BMO!: Rescue Beemo (200 Points)

One Fast Cat: Beat Level 11 in five seconds (150 Points)

Hang in There, Baby: Beat Level 7 without removing a limb (100 Points)

Piece of Cake: Beat five levels (100 Points)

Super Amadeus: Beat the game (200 Points)


  • BMO can be found on Level 18.
  • The catnip is on Level 11.
  • All the levels are the same as Pursuit of hat 2. However, the music and the background are different.
  • The term "Super Amadeus" was once used in "Card Wars."