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Cadebra is a character introduced in "Wizard City". She is Abracadaniel's niece (she calls him "Abracaduncle") and becomes Pep's close friend during his time at Wiz Arts.

Although proficient in magic, she finds it boring and prefers sleight of hand (stage magic) as a hobby.


Cadebra is the daughter of Momdebra and the niece (paternal or maternal) of Abracadaniel. She was always forced by her mother to learn magic to be a salamander and not be a failure like her uncle. However, she didn't mind and settled on stage magic and tricks. According to her it is more fun to do illusions than magic.

She entered the school where she was teased and entered under the rank of lizard, solely for being the niece of Abracadaniel, the janitor. There she met Peps, who she tried to be friends with without knowing of his dark past as the Peppermint Butler.

Finally when the truth came out, she still believed in his innocence and helped him to prove his innocence. After Peps' corruption, she used an illusion trick to distract him and then used her power to make him spit out Coconteppi's ichor.

The two became roommates and became great friends.


She has pinkish skin and long, dark hair similar to Abracadaniel.


Cadebra, despite her young age, has proven to be a skilled user of magic, being able to cast various spells very easily, she also knows some fake magic tricks.


Her name is a partial portmanteau of the word "Abracadabra" and the girl's name "Debra".



  • An image of her falling asleep next to Pep in the end credits reveals she wears glasses.