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CGO, phonetically spelled "Ceego" and also referred to as Go Jr., is a character that appears in the episode "BMO". She is first seen singing "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs," the Frasier theme. CGO lives in the Drift's wasteland and scavenges scraps. She is very skilled in patching up parts despite missing an arm. It is possible that she "fixed" herself with scraps that enabled her to work and continue to function in the wasteland. She is connected to a bunch of wires, possibly connected to the Drift's power, that presumably prolonged her life.

When BMO "died," CGO tells Y5 that she is a ripoff version of the MOs when she was patching up BMO. She further explained that she is made by Hugo and they go way back to "the real busted last days of Earth". CGO was accompanying Hugo when he was leading "an exodus to the stars... on the cheap". They faced challenging obstacles in the expedition.

CGO, Hugo and his remaining company were saved by an orb/service droid in space, possibly Olive, and they settled in the Drift. According to CGO, the Drift was "already breaking down" when they landed and was even worse when Hugo set up shops. CGO was disposed off then.

Olive went back to space, disappointed of Hugo, and CGO expressed her pity towards her. She hoped that Olive finds what she was "looking for". Olive was later "awakened" by BMO when he was on a mission to Mars.

Upon scanning BMO, Olive immediately led BMO to The Drift just like what she did to Hugo and his company, possibly because she thought that BMO is in need of saving as well or he was exactly what she was looking for. It is also possible that by scanning, she was able to recognize BMO as a robot like CGO who has the potential to salvage the remains of the Drift.

Despite saying "Hugo is the worst," CGO believes that Hugo has a big brain and is a "great guy" but only as long as he thinks you're "good for something".


  • In "BMO", CGO was able to recognize BMO as a MO Co. bot and said that she is "practically a cousin" of the MOs, except she is "a janky, off-brand cousin" because she is technically a ripoff of them.
  • CGO is sexless due to being a robot but Y5 referred to her as "Ma'am".
  • CGO seems to have originated from the United States given her familiarity with Frasier.
  • Besides singing "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs", the theme from Frasier, CGO quotes the character of Frasier directly by calling out his catchphrase "Goodnight, Seattle."
  • CGO is voiced by Simone Giertz, who is known for creating poorly made robots.
  • CGO is possibly named after Hugo, her creator, similar to the MOs, who were created by Moe.