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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Butterscotch Butler, the butterscotch Scottish butler is a character who appears in "Five Short Tables" and is the gender-swapped version of Peppermint Butler. She was challenged to a board game by Prince Gumball and defeated him with ease. She, like all other gender-bent characters, lives in the alternate reality of Fionna-world.

In the spin-off sequel series Fionna & Cake, it was revealed that many characters from the original series, including and especially the ones from the Fionna and Cake episodes are real in an alternate reality created by Prismo but hid it within the head of Ice King as a secret. However, following Ice King reverting back into Simon Petrikov in "Come Along With Me" which caused everyone to turn into non-magical and human versions of themselves in a world resembling pre-Mushroom War society. Her human version is called "Beatrice Butler", and she is the grumpy and square boss of Prince Gumball (known there as Gary Prince), administrating a bakery called "Butler's Buttery Buns".

In the non-magical version of Fionna-world, she is extremely critical of Gary's pastry experiments, preferring to stock the bakery with more "traditional" fare.


Before Simon is digested by GOLB, Butterscotch Butler appears as a small candy person made of butterscotch hard candy. She wears a dark green suit with a bright green bowtie and matching green dress shoes. Unlike most characters, she is typically drawn with eyelids and eyelashes.

When the magic is removed from her universe, she becomes a short, middle-aged human with wavy blonde hair and peach-colored skin. She still wears a dark green dinner jacket with a bright green bowtie, but instead of dress pants, she wears a pencil skirt, nylons, and green platform shoes. Outdoors, she wears an oversized fur coat.

Episode appearances[]


  • She's a different type of hard candy from Peppermint Butler, similar to how Cake is a different species in addition to being the opposite gender to Jake.
    • She also differs from her male counterpart in that she has a Scottish accent, which is a pun on the "scotch" part of the word "butterscotch."