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Butterflies are a species of insect that appear in the real world. Many different butterflies can be seen in the background of many different episodes.

List of minor butterflies[]

Image Name Basic Description
Annoyed Butterfly Jake refused to let his Pups touch the Annoyed Butterfly in "Jake the Dad", because it might have been covered in germs.
Spirit Butterfly Tha Spirit Butterfly is a giant butterfly that Finn rode in the Mountain of Matthew in the episode "The Mountain". It very much resembles one of Finn's past Incarnations.
Candy Butterfly (a) Candy Butterfly is a pink butterfly that appeared in "Skyhooks".
Candy Butterfly (b) Candy Butterfly (b) is a candy butterfly that appeared in the credits at the end of every Elements episode. Its wings were made out of candy-canes.
Butterfly (Bonnie and Nebby)
Blue and Orange Butterfly A blue and orange butterfly appeared in the episode "Bonnie and Neddy". Young Princess Bubblegum found it in the woods and offered it to Neddy, but Neddy got scared to the butterfly flew away.


Butterflies in the series can be seen in many different colors, such as purple, yellow, blue, and orange.


  • The word, "Butterflies," is part of the song that can be heard during the end credits.