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Bunny Girl, also known as Jo in the graphic novel Adventure Time: Islands, is a human that was first seen in "Everything Stays," during Marceline's flashbacks. She was part of a human tribe and was first afraid of Marceline and had mistaken her for a vampire (at a time before she got turned). However, they quickly became friends as Marceline got accepted by the human tribe. After the defeat of the Vampire King, Jo and the rest of the tribe departed for the Islands.


Jo is a regular female human with a hat that has long bunny ears and a cape over her neck dropping down to her legs. Her cape and hat are both the same shade of white. Underneath the cape, she wears blue shorts and a light blue t-shirt that is torn above her belly button. Her hair is brown, her skin has a low tanned tone, and she is only ever seen barefoot.


Jo was always hyper and playful. Although she is easily frightened of Marceline, she gained trust for her later on. She seemed to have a liking in music, as she asks Two Bread Tom to play a song on his guitar and for Marceline to continue the song on her ax bass.

In the graphic novel Adventure Time: Islands, she was shown to be resourceful enough to survive in the wild for an extended period of time. She also demonstrates strong leadership by opposing Two Bread Tom and splitting away from the main group.

Islands Graphic Novel[]

The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

After the defeat of the Vampire King at the hands of Marceline, Jo and the rest of the human tribe departed for the Islands. Jo was shown to particularly miss Marceline, as they were close friends.

The tribe eventually arrived at Founders' Island and established a colony. The other kids made fun of Jo for still wearing her protective animal hat, but Two Bread Tom always looked out for her. One day, Jo, Two Bread Tom, and a human named Michiko embarked on an expedition to explore more of the island. Jo was abducted by a giant bird and carried far from the others, and spent weeks surviving in the wild and making her way home.

When she eventually made it back to the colony, she found that attitudes towards safety had changed. Everyone was wearing their animal hats again, and Two Bread Tom was overseeing the construction of an early version of the Guardian. Jo disagreed with his plans to seal off the islands, so she and a group of others split from the main group. This is probably the origin of the hiders.


  • In pre-production, she was a boy, and her name was Graham.


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