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Bunnies are animals that can be found in the real world. The first bunny that we see in Adventure Time is a minor character who appears in the episode "Jake the Brick". It is the main character in Jake's monologue story while he observes the day in a life of animals.

Notable Bunnies

Other Known Bunnies

Image Name Basic Description
Mountain Bunny (a) This Mountain Bunny is one of two bunnies seen in the episode, "The Hall of Egress."
Bunny On The Shoulder The Bunny On The Shoulder was a bunny seen on the shoulder of Rock Giant in the episode, "Five More Short Graybles."
Spectator Bunny The Spectator Bunny is a bunny that watched the battle in the episode, "Come Along With Me."
Candy Bunny In the Elemental series, one of the bunnies in Candy Kingdom became a Candy Element, becoming a Candy Bunny. This bunny has gummy-worm arms and legs, a frosting tail, a licorice mouth, green Candy eyes, purple candy ears, and a Candy nose. His body appears to have been Candy based but the type of Candy is unknown.
Bunny Being Protected Be Beaver.png
Protected Bunny The Protected Bunny was a bunny being protected in the episode, "Jake The Brick."
Modelsheet rabbitwithrims.jpg
Forest Inhabitant Rabbits The Forest Inhabitant Rabbits are a one of the Forest inhabitants seen in the episode, "Storytelling."


The bunnies that appear in the Adventure Time series appear the same as bunnies do in real life. Typically, we seen them with white fur. With the exception being Y5, who appears as a humanoid like creature.

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