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Bun Bun is a Candy Person that makes her first appearance in the titular episode.[1] She was a gift to Cinnamon Bun because he did not have any candy people at the Fire Kingdom. She ends up releasing the Flame King, obliviously, and is currently residing in a cave with him. In "Son of Rap Bear," Bun Bun made a cameo cheering for Flame Princess, and in "Come Along With Me," she is seen riding on Cinnamon Bun, who is combating with monstrous birds GOLB created.


Bun Bun is a small candy person that resembles a honey bun, much like the candy person Cinnamon Bun. She also shares the "sunken eyes" that Cinnamon Bun has. Bun Bun's body appears more shiny and smooth than Cinnamon Bun, possibly to indicate youth or that she is fully baked like Cinnamon Bun after getting "cooked" by the Flame Lord, Don John. Her body style is very similar to Crunchy's.[1]


Like most candy people, Bun Bun appears dim-witted and curious, although this could be due to the fact she was just recently "born." Bun Bun is kind-hearted and very energetic. She is oblivious to the world around her, but her vocabulary seems to be preinstalled. Bun Bun does not appear to be afraid of anything; most likely she does not know enough about what she is doing, or where she is going.[1]

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  • Bun Bun is quoted to be "like a third cousin" to Cinnamon Bun, due to sharing his DNA from lab experiments performed on him.[1]
  • She can apparently communicate with Cinnamon Bun using her flesh.
  • Princess Bubblegum engineered Bun Bun to be fireproof.

Names in other languages

  • Her Italian name is Cannella
  • Her Polish name is Bunia


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