Bug is a character in "Web Weirdos" that gets stuck in Ed's web. He was panicking along with Fly. Bug was almost eaten by Ed, but he was saved when Finn pretended to eat him instead. Finn spit Bug out when Ed left and it just got stuck again. Later, Ed cut the web down in an argument with Barb, and Bug and Fly abandoned Finn. Bug is probably not very smart; he directs attention to himself when Ed returns to the web and also gets caught back in the web immediately after being freed without any apparent reason.


Bug is an insect with two round wings and maroon skin which darkens at his thorax. He has antennae and tiny yellow eyes.


You'll never escape! We'll all die in the web.

We don't make the rules, man.

It's hard to step outside of yourself when you're enmeshed with another being. Oh Grod! It's over! It's over!


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