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Season 1

We are Bufo.


Behold the Grand Hall of Wizardry. This is where young potentials train to become Ultimate Wizards. But most are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it.

Fine, fine. Now, for every power that you accrue, you shall receive a star badge like these. This final star betokens the rank of Ultimate Wizard.

Are you ready for more magic?

No! Cover your eyes!

My word. I've never met someone so irresponsibly responsible. Very well, then. You must... grasp my hand.

Yes. It's been heading for this temple for 847 years. Only the magic of the Ultimate Wizards keeps it from getting any closer.

Don't forget to thank me, for this was my plan for all these 847 years.

Perhaps you're right. No more giving out free powers. I hereby renounce all magic... My life is over!


Season 4

Sorry, man. Nothing personal.

—"Reign of Gunthers"

Season 5

What part of "secret society" don't you understand?!

—"Wizards Only, Fools"

Ghosts of the warp-plane, grant us passage into your realm.

—"Wizards Only, Fools"

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