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The Bucket Knight is a monster that nearly killed Finn in the episode, "Dungeon." His regular form is one that is very small, but when he pours water over himself, he grows to a giant's size. It is unknown how long it takes for him to turn back to normal. He was the third to last obstacle that Finn faced in the dungeon. Of all the monsters that Finn fought, he was the one that caused Finn the most pain. 

In the game Sound Castle, the Bucket Knight is the weakest and most common enemy. and is the only enemy who is able to move from left to right.


He seems to have a more noble attitude with how he waits and makes sure his opponent is fully ready before starting combat, speaking and behaving how one would expect an old century knight. However, once Finn announces that he has no powers, the Bucket Knight seems all the more eager to fight Finn, expecting an easy opponent.


Originally, the Bucket Knight is about up to Finn's shorts. He is a gray-green colour, and his eyes are lime green. He has a spiky face and his body appears to be metallic. His face has two spikes to the side of his mouth, as well as some at either cheek and on his chin. His eyebrows are also sharp, and his nose looks like the hole a skull would have for a nose. The rest of his body is similarly spiky, and in short his appearance is that of a living suit of armor with rivets and spikes. When he first appears, he is holding a bucket to store water.


Halt! Come no further, adventurer! For you see, none can defeat... the Bucket Knight!

No! You must challenge me to-

Yes, it's through that door over there, but—Hey!
You can't pass through that door without battling me!

Just add water and... EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!
Now activate thine own powers and we shall engage in thrilling single combat!

I see...