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Buck Pudding is a Candy Person who owns Pudding's Hardware. He first appears in "Root Beer Guy" when Finn and Jake buy a shovel, a saw, some plastic bags, some duct tape, a bludgeon, a mop, and rubber gloves from his store, which also sells sun bonnets, noiseless weed pullers, and combs. Buck informs Root Beer Guy about Lake Butterscotch. He also owns a pickup truck, which Root Beer Guy "borrows" to drive to the lake.


Sir, you can call me Buck. No need to be formal around here.

A right nice spot, Lake Butterscotch. Miles from where anyone could hear a person scream, if a person were screaming for some reason. Creepy now that I think about it. Nothing up there these days but some abandoned caverns. Nice place to hide a body if you're into that sort of thing.

Son, now what are you doing in my pickup truck?


  • There were many different concepts for the character, at the time where the only insight to the character was that they owned Pudding's Hardware.


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