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The bubble creator was built by Finn in "The Real You" after he equipped the Glasses of Nerdicon. It has the ability to create bubbles ranging from 1-D to 4-D. However, the 4-D bubble is totally incomprehensible to 3-D beings, such as the Candy People of Ooo. The 4-D bubble (being an entire dimension greater than its host dimension) collapses, forming a black hole. Finn impales the Bubble Creator with his Gold Sword, which warps it into a fourth dimension. He then performs a finishing blow on the black hole, destroying the Bubble Creator, the black hole, and his sword, and also saving himself and the Candy Kingdom.


  • The 4-D bubble is a figure known as a tesseract or hypercube. The tesseract is the 4-D equivalent of a cube and can be thought of as a smaller cube entombed within a larger one.
    • In truth, the 4-D "bubble" should have actually been a "glome," given that it is the 4-D equivalent of a sphere (hypersphere).
  • The 1-D setting is unused, on which the bubble would have been a straight line that is probably invisible since it would have no width or length and would be just height.
    • Interestingly, given that all the bubbles casted shadows straight down, the 1-Dimensional bubble would have theoretically had a zero-dimensional shadow, essentially consisting of a single point, but if the shadows were angles, it would still give off a 1-Dimensional shadow. This same contradiction can apply to the 2-Dimensional bubble as well.