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Bryce is a demon that was being held captive underneath Joshua and Margaret's house. He was trapped in a forcefield in their house down a cellar and the forcefield was powered by a teddy bear with a tape player in its back. The forcefield would turn off if the tape player wasn't switched at a certain time of each day and Jermaine used a watch as an alarm to quickly slide down the cellar and flip the tape back. 

At the end of the episode "Jermaine," Bryce manages to escape the forcefield and rips the face of the teddy bear. He then walks away with Jermaine as they have a conversation indicating that they might be frenemies.

In "Abstract," Jake discovers that Bryce is now Jermaine's art dealer. He accuses Bryce of using his demon ways to get Jermaine to turn his back on painting landscapes, but Jermaine reveals he just got tired of landscapes and wanted to paint abstracts instead.


Bryce is a huge blue creature with narrow yellow eyes and a wide mouth. He walks on four legs and is, in fact, a demon as Jake said in "Abstract."


Bryce has a very wild personality and a hate towards Joshua for allegedly stealing his poster. At times, Bryce dislikes Jermaine as seen in the episode "Jermaine," where Bryce told Jermaine that he would eat him if he escaped.

However, he was surprised when Jermaine told he'd have released him if he didn't threaten him. This caused him to offer to be friends if he let Bryce out of the forcefield though he was quick to go back to threatening after Jermaine refused.

He also has a very smug personality and always thinks that whatever he does is cool. He seems to have negativity in him too if things don't go his way.