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"Brothers in Insomnia" is an unproduced episode that was planned early during season one of Adventure Time.

The storyboard was later released on Frederator's blog and can be read here. This episode was scrapped and had its production code number taken by "Rainy Day Daydream" which was produced much later in season 1.[1]

Several elements of this episode were reused in Season 2 episodes: the idea of dealing with a threat while tired was reused in the episode "The Eyes", the concept of Finn communicating with tiny creatures with his hand returned in "The Real You", the idea of an underground civilization existing under the Tree Fort was used in "Power Animal", and premise of a hero rescuing a civilization of dewdrop people from a monster attacking the roots of the Tree Fort was reused in "Little Brother".


Finn and Jake return home exhausted and try to get to sleep. Then they hear sounds that lead them to a miniature village under the roots of their Tree Fort. However, to fit inside Jake has to shrink to tiny size while Finn can only fit his hand inside. They attempt to save the dewdrop people that live there from a root monster, but are hindered by the fact that Jake's too tired to keep his shape, while Finn is distracted by cows licking him.



  • Finn's pajamas are different in this story board; instead of wearing a leather unitard, it resembles a full body suit with long hair and a hole for Finn's head.
  • The basic premise of this episode later resurfaced in the sixth season episode "Little Brother", replacing Finn and Jake with Shelby and Kent.
  • This episode along with a huge majority of season 1 was additionally storyboarded by Pendleton Ward and Patrick Mchale.


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