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Breezy is a bee who serves as Finn's wingman in the episode "Breezy." Breezy is originally attracted only to Finn's flower but soon finds that she has a crush on Finn as well. In the episode, she is a queen to be, and if she drinks the royal jelly, she will turn into a queen bee. When Finn is attacked by male bees, Breezy grabs some royal jelly from the male bees' hive and turns herself into a queen to save Finn. When Finn does not fully appreciate the gesture, Breezy flies away. Later in the episode, Breezy spies on Finn sleeping and sings to his flower. This powers the flower so much that it grows into a large tree which then explodes. Finn wakes up and breaks off the resulting branch, revealing an arm covered in honey, which he shakes of, uncovering a fully-functioning arm. Breezy is seen again watching the original flower fall on her head and she then kisses it.


  • Breezy resembles the bee in the end credits.
  • Breezy resembles Chris' bee from the webshow Bravest Warriors.

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