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Breezy is a bee who serves as Finn's wingman in the episode "Breezy." Breezy is originally attracted only to Finn's flower but soon finds that she has a crush on Finn as well. In the episode, she is a queen to be, and she shows that by drinking the royal jelly, she turns into a queen bee. She also uses this power to save Finn. Breezy also healed Finn's arm. This powers the flower arm so much that it grows into a large tree, which then explodes. Finn wakes up and breaks off the resulting branch, revealing an arm covered in honey, which he shakes off, revealing a fully-functioning arm with a small green thorn in the palm.

Breezy briefly reappears in her queen form in "Frog Seasons: Spring," when Finn and Jake pass her as she's showing bees how to gather pollen. However, they're too busy following a frog with a crown to stay and chat.

In "Frog Seasons: Spring (Again)," Breezy in seen panning for gold in a river for her friend, Honey Man. She gives the gold she finds for him so Honey Man can summon the crown the Frog Carrying Crown possesses.


Major appearances

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  • Breezy resembles the bee in the end credits.
  • Breezy resembles Chris' bee from the web show Bravest Warriors.

Cultural reference

  • Breezy being a bee in love with a human is very similar to that of the plot of the Bee Movie.
  • Breezy's transformation into Queen Breezy resembles the so-called "digivolutions" (Evolutions in Japanese version) from the anime Digimon Adventure.


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