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"Breezy" is the sixth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and sixty-second episode overall.


With a friendly bee named Breezy as his wingman, Finn decides to get back into the dating game to help his wilting arm flower.[2]


The episode begins with Doctor Princess examining Finn's flower arm, which is seen dull and has wilted some petals. He said that he had been drinking pickle juice a lot, so Doctor Princess told him to switch back to water. After this, she asks him how is he feeling, to which he replies he doesn't feel anything and slumps out of the bed. Doctor Princess tells that that's the reason and also that because his dad took his arm, his flower is starting to wilt and he is falling into depression. She tells him to have fun for the flower to continue its growth. Finn asks if she would like to go with him to Crab Princess' party, to which she confusedly asks: "As a date?" Finn says yes, but she declines, saying she doesn't date her patients. Finn then walks out of the hospital.

The scene changes to a forest in which Finn was passing while slumping his body. While he was walking, he started to sing Lost in the Darkness/Love, and while he was singing, a bee sees his flower and is attracted to it. The bee follows Finn to the party, where it is shown many princesses have arrived. Princess Bubblegum hosts as the DJ and all the others at the party start to dance while Finn sits on a near log with Raggedy Princess. She asks Finn to help her pour juice from her cup into her mouth, as she couldn't do it. Finn didn't answer back as the bee annoys him by buzzing near his face. She tells him she can't drink it, and asks his help. Finn is getting annoyed by the bee, as it constantly gets near to him and buzzes near his face. He tells the bee to cut it out, to which the bee apologizes, and says that she didn't realize that the flower was attached to Finn's arm. The bee says that the flower on Finn's arm is the greatest miracle and she is completely attracted to it. Finn thanks her, and the bee introduces herself as Breezy. Raggedy Princess somehow got the juice all over her face and went out to dance.

Breezy wants the flower, so she gets very nervous. She asks Finn why he is there, to which he replies that he is there to make out with Crab Princess. Since Breezy is into the flower, she agrees to help Finn with his plans. Breezy sneaks near Crab Princess and hears that she wanted someone who could dance well. Breezy tells Finn, and he starts to dance and all princesses applaud his act. Crab Princess blushes as the scene changes.

It is seen that Finn eventually took her home, and drops her. She thanks Finn for walking her home, and Finn finally asks Crab Princess to get a kiss. She agrees and both of them kiss. Finn then bids her goodnight, to which Crab Princess replies happily and goes back to her home. Breezy congratulates Finn on his success. She then asks him how he feels, to which he says he is good, but cannot feel anything. He concludes if he made out with lots of girls, maybe he would feel something. Breezy gets near the flower, and seeing that it is good shape. Finn appreciates her help, and tells that she is a good wingman. Breezy appreciates this, and says she will help Finn to get more make outs.

The scene changes to Breezy and Finn going to the Lizard Kingdom. They spy on Lizard Princess and Breezy whispers something to Finn and suddenly pushes him to go make out with her. Finn goes near Lizard Princess and takes the trumpet she was blowing. He plays good music that Lizard Princess is impressed by, and they kiss. Everyone starts to dance as Finn plays the trumpet, with the exception of Breezy, who merely looks contentedly at Finn's dancing.

The scene then changes to show Breezy watching Finn dancing with Muscle Princess and an unknown character who looks like a spice drop. Breezy tries to go near Finn's flower, but since he is dancing and moving his arm, she can't grab hold of it. As Finn tries to get closer to Muscle Princess, he notices that the other character is not only trying to give her some bottled water, but is also trying to keep Finn from advancing, possibly indicating a rival for Muscle Princess's affection. However, Breezy notices that Muscle Princess is smiling at Finn's rival, so she gives Finn a towel to help Muscle Princess wipe off her sweat. Despite the other character pouring water on himself (most likely in a last-ditch effort to appear attractive), Muscle Princess towels off, then shares a kiss with Finn.

The scene changes to Jake skateboarding outside the Tree Fort where there are many ladies waiting. He goes inside to see Finn with a princess. She introduces herself as Frozen Yogurt Princess. Jake then says she is looking like somewhat a mix between Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess, and so Jake teases Finn that he isn't over with both of them. Finn gets furious and leaves with Breezy.

Finn tells Breezy, that he is just having fun, which is the doctor's order. He also says but this isn't helping him, and he should let the flower die. Breezy tells Finn that he has a responsibility to the flower. She also says she has responsibilities, as she was born as a virgin Queen Bee. She said that once she drinks the Royal Jelly, she will not be free as she is now. Finn tells her to stay free always, to which she agrees. She gets excited and suddenly she says that they should make out with each other, hinting she is attracted to him. Finn then gets confused while Breezy tries to cover up what she says.

As they run by a river, she faked an accident into bumping Finn to get hold of the flower, but they both fall in the river. As Finn floats on the river with Breezy atop, a bee known as Billybee sees her and tells her to get back to her hive. She refuses and tells she has a carefree life and Finn agrees. Suddenly, Billybee calls more of his friends to deal with Finn. Finn starts to get attacked by them and fights them back but in vain. Breezy then goes to the hive of the male bees and comes back with a bottle of Royal Jelly. She tells him to not worry and she drinks the Royal Jelly. Breezy starts to transform in more humanoid type and bigger than Finn. She can now control the male bees and throws them back to their house.

Breezy then tells she has become a Queen to save Finn, and also admits that she only wanted to help because she was attracted to the flower. She confesses that after hanging out with Finn, she loves him. She then tells Finn that he can partake at her pollen crumbles and become her drone. Finn appreciates this but tells Breezy that he wants to keep their relationship simple, and so Breezy gets hurt. She flies away while crying. The scene changes to Finn being with LSP and dancing. She tells him to stop dancing and to start making out. They both kiss, and Finn starts to go. To Finn one kiss is making out, but for LSP that's not enough. She stops Finn and they make out LSP style.

The scene changes to Finn lying down. Finn then asks his flower arm if it was okay. It wilts and one of its petals falls off. Finn says he's going to forget it did that and stores the memory in his mental vault.

There are many fireflies flying and suddenly, the shadow of Breezy appears. She begins to sing, which causes Finn's flower to react. Finn starts to sing with her unconsciously. When Finn notices Breezy, he sees her as Princess Bubblegum, holding a sword (which would later become known as the Finn Sword). As Breezy's song reaches its climax, Finn's flower grows into a great flowering tree before exploding. After ripping the remaining bark off, Finn sees a new arm covered in honey, with a thorn in the middle of his palm. He starts to dance in joy, LSP waking up to see Finn has gotten his arm back, happy for him. Finn finally acknowledges Breezy, his fallen flower falling on her head. The episode ends with Breezy kissing the flower.


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  • Breezy resembles the bee in the end credits and Chris's bee in Pendleton Ward's other series, Bravest Warriors.
  • In one of the previews, a scene from the episode "No One Can Hear You" is shown.
  • Lizard Princess gets a redesign in this episode.
  • This is the first episode where Emerald Princess speaks.
  • When Finn got his new arm, there was a green thorn protruding from his palm.
  • This is the first time that Muscle Princess wears a different outfit.
  • The sword Princess Bubblegum is holding near the end of the episode foreshadows a future sword Finn will later own; the Finn Sword, which is created in "Is That You?" This sword was named the "Finn Sword" by Prismo.
  • According to Dr. Princess, Finn doesn't talk to Flame Princess anymore, likely because he believes she's dating Cinnamon Bun.

Episode connections[]

  • Doctor Princess mentions the events Finn encountered with Martin in "Escape from the Citadel," as well as Finn's breakup with Flame Princess in "Frost & Fire."
  • The word "virgin" was used for the first time without a substituting word next to it, as it was in "City of Thieves."
  • PB's arm seems to be better from the end of "The Tower," though the extent of her injury was not shown.
  • The music from the dance party in this episode is the same music from the party in the monster's belly in "Belly of the Beast" and the mini-dance party in "All the Little People."
  • Finn attempted to lock the memory of his flower losing a petal in his "vault." He also used this method to forget about Shoko in "The Creeps" and "The Vault."
  • The Bikini Babes from "Shh!" were seen partying at the Tree Fort.
  • The big shell from the House Hunting Song in "Evicted!" can be see on the shore as Princess Bubblegum plays a record.

Cultural references[]

  • Breezy's transformation into Queen Breezy spoofs transformation sequences seen in many anime, most closely resembling those seen in Sailor Moon.
  • Finn's drinking of pickle juice "for the electrolytes" and Dr. Princess recommending that he switch back to water for the sake of his flower is likely a reference to the film Idiocracy, where in the future people have begun watering crops with energy drinks "because it has electrolytes."
  • At the party, Princess Bubblegum plays a record by "Mother 13," the name of a fictional band featured in Tom Scharpling's radio program The Best Show with Tom Scharpling.

Production notes[]

  • This is the first Adventure Time episode to air on its new Thursday 7PM time slot.
  • Breezy was based on a series of events in Jesse Moynihan's life.[3]


  • While running toward the Lizard Kingdom with Breezy, Finn had his missing arm.
  • Finn's flower is white, but when he plays the trumpet in the Lizard Kingdom, it is violet.
  • At Crab Princess' dance party, Slime Princess is layered incorrectly, making it look like she is floating.
  • One of the bees says the word bologna correctly, instead of saying "bolog-nah" like the rest of the series.



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