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Break the Worm is a flash game on the Cartoon Network website that is based on the Adventure Time episode "King Worm." In the game, you play as Finn assisted by Jake on a mission to defeat the King Worm to break Finn from his dream. There are three levels in the game: the Ice Kingdom, Joshua's dungeon, and the Candy Kingdom.


Main characters[]

Minor characters[]



Mini Boss[]


  • Shark Sword : At half power, Finn will pull out the sword and it will bite. At full power, Finn will run back and forth with the sword out.
  • Big Legs : At half power, Finn's legs will grow and he will harm nearby enemies with one single stomp. At full power, Finn's legs will grow huge and Jake's legs will turn into a bird, you can use the arrow keys to walk around, squashing all enemies in your path.
  • Fear Feaster :(Note: This ability will only work at full power.) Finn will unleash the Fear Feaster which will turn into an octopus-like monster which defeats all enemies on the screen for a short time.


  • The falling objects in the Candy Kingdom level are Lumpy Space Princesses, a reference to a part of the episode "King Worm."
  • In the game the Hamburger monster has only one head, while in "Dad's Dungeon" it has two.
  • The Dad's Dungeon level is the only level without cannons or a boss fight.


  • Something Special: Perform 10 special attacks in one level. (Mystery Badge, 150 Points)
  • Cold Warrior: Beat level 1. (100 Points)
  • Candy Champion: Reach Level 3. (150 Points)
  • Bombastic Combo: Keep a combo going for 8 seconds. (200 Points)
  • Fear Itself: Unlock the Fear Feaster. (150 Points)
  • Lich Alert: Defeat The Lich. (200 Points)