Brad is a Lumpy Space Person who appears only in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." He is Lumpy Space Princess's ex-boyfriend and Melissa's current one. Unlike most Lumpy Space People, he can walk and actually has legs. He also doesn't have the typical appearance of a Lumpy Space Person and is very small.

Lumpy Space Princess apparently gets nervous and depressed around him due to their past relationship. He has had only two lines in the series so far. According to Lumpy Space Princess, she and Brad ate chili cheese fries together before, showing they had a good relationship. Lumpy Space Princess still appears to think of Brad and might miss him. In "The Creeps," Lumpy Space Princess reveals that they broke up because Brad kissed her on the mouth and she wasn't ready for that yet. Near the end of the episode, she whispers to herself how she's ready for him now. In "Bad Timing," he was mentioned by Lumpy Space Princess when she wanted to use time travel to revisit him.


Brad is teal and much smaller than most Lumpy Space People. He is relatively smooth for a Lumpy Space Person as well, having only a few lumps on the back of his head and very small lumps under his arms. He usually has a bored expression.



—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"

You miss me yet, L.S.P.?

—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"



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