This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Box Prince (episode)" from season 5, which aired on October 7, 2013.

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[The episode begins with Finn looking out of the Tree Fort's window.]
Finn: Aw, yes. Storm has passed! Jake! [runs toward Jake] Jake...
Jake: Nachos?
Finn: Nachos? I love nachos... [eats nachos] I love nachos even more when looking out of the window! [runs back to the window]
[Finn continues looking out of the window, while the wind blows. A tire, branch, and a box are blown around.]
Finn: Hmmm, does that box have a face on it? A face... I gotta make sure.
[Finn runs back to Jake]
Finn: [In a loud, fast tone] There's a box outside with a face on it! It might be the boxman, it's all soggy and dirty. Want to check it out?
Jake: Naaaaa... chos.
Finn: [Hands nachos to Jake] I'm gonna check it out.
Jake: Yeah, whatever.
[Finn is exiting the Tree Fort, running towards the box]
Finn: Hmmm, where'd your face go? [starts examining it more closely]
[The box moves.]
Finn: Whoa! Okay... shhh... are you lost, little cardboard dude?
[A cat reveals its head from the top of the box, mews, and returns back inside.]
Finn: Jake! There seems to be a lost cat on the ground in a box!
Jake: Yeah that's great, get it out of here!
Finn: Hm, gettin' no help from him I guess. Do you know where your home is?
[The box shakes, mews, and starts walking away]
Finn: Okay, I'll follow you!
[The scene changes to Finn and the box treading through the forest.
Finn: Whoa, is this your kingdom? It's wonderful!
[The box kingdom is shown. It is inhabited by many cats wearing boxes. The Box Prince is being carried by other Box Kingdom citizens.]
Finn: That must be your prince.
Cat: [Shakes, with a sad expression.]
Finn: Huh?
[The Box Prince is shown stealing a fish from a net.]
Finn: Huh... a prince wouldn't steal from his subjects. [The cat licks Finn's hand] Awww!
Cat: [Moves its paws back and forth]
Finn: Switched? [gasps] Of course! You must be the real prince, and that thief took your place! Is that right, little prince?
Cat: [Rolls over and meows continuously.]
Finn: [sighs] Don't worry, your majesty. I'll help you reclaim your kingdom. [Rubs the cat's head]
[The scene returns to Jake, who is still playing Pro Football 1861 on BMO.
BMO: [Stops the game] Why do you hate cats, Jake?
Jake: Move your face, you're messing up the game. Anyway, I don't wanna talk about it, it's personal. Cats know what they did...
[Jake suddenly starts wailing in pain.]
BMO: Is Jake okay?
Jake: Eugh... no! I'm pretty dang far from okay! There's a little shard of Tortilla chip caught between my teeth. [tries to use his tongue to get it out]
[The scene returns to the Box Kingdom, where the prince is still waving to his people. Finn is with the true Box Prince, spying with a pair of binoculars.]
Finn: First, we have to expose the traitor's deception. Ah-hah! That's a counterfeit crown, from the liar's own box flesh. Hmm... it looks like your crown was torn off by some... [Places hand on torn area]
Box Prince: [Slaps Finn's hand away] Mew.
Finn: Your crown was lost, you say?
Box Prince: [Walks towards some plants, and starts circling one of them.]
Finn: During a storm? The same storm that sent you hurling through the woods? Until you were delivered into my door step? Right... so it's definitely in the woods somewhere. All we have to do is find your crown to prove to your people that you're the real prince.
[The Box Prince starts scratching the sand.]
Finn: [sniffs] Um... I'm gonna wait over by the gate, your highness.
[Scene returns to Jake, who is still playing Pro Football 1861.]
BMO: [Interrupting the game] Get big, and the chip will fall out of your teeth!
Jake: You think I can stretch out of everything? You're so naïve. To live life, you need problems.
BMO: That's stupid!
Jake: If you get everything you want the minute you want it, then what's the point of livin'?
[BMO has flashbacks of the various moments where Jake used his special powers to ease out of situations.]
Finn: Okay, so let's retrace your steps. Do you remember which path you took? ... Prince?
[The Box Prince finds his crown, and is trying to get it out of a tree branch.]
Finn: Whoa, you found it already! Good work, team. [rubs the prince's belly, which causes him to scratch and bite his arm]
Finn: Ow, quit that! [shakes him off of his arm] Come on, you're a prince. [takes out the crown] Come, your majesty. It's time...
[A citizen is seen reading a book. Finn takes off its box, which causes it to run away.]
Finn: [Places box to use as a pedestal] People of the Box Kingdom, I have found... [pulls out crown and places it on the Box Prince] your true prince! [points to fake prince] J'accuse!
[All of the citizens walk away, seemingly disappointed.]
Finn: What? They... they don't believe us. The rain made your complexion look all hobo-like. They're not looking past the surface grunk.
[Suddenly, the false Box Prince is seen, having a cardboard "lance" attached to his box.]
Finn: Oh no, he's challenging you to a joust! I better find you a lance.
[The scene switches to BMO and Jake in the bathroom, Jake is brushing his teeth.]
BMO: Did it come out?
Jake: You forgot the most important part, my impatient little friend. A thorough rinsing! [Puts water in mouth and starts rinsing]
BMO: Well?
Jake: [Spits out water] Bleh, nothing. [shakes head] I need, like, a toothpick, or something.
BMO: I told you to buy floss.
Jake: Floss is for losers. [walks out of the bathroom, and to his cards on the table]
Jake: Oh, one of these will do nicely.
BMO: You'll put cards in your mouth?!
Jake: Just the edge, kid, then I'll work it like a pro. Now, to find the card that best suits my devil-may-care personality.
[Two Box Kingdom citizen blow horns in an arena]
Finn: Trial by combat shall prove which prince's true!
[The Joust begins. Both of the princes start charging and hit each other, resulting in their boxes coming off. They are both revealing to have the exact same fur coat. Suddenly, the audience also starts fighting each other.]
Finn: The joust's gone nuts!
[Scene changes to BMO sitting on the floor, humming to himself.]
Jake: Hey, BMO! Ta-da!
BMO: [gasps] You did it, Jake! Congratulations! How did you get the piece of tortilla chip out of your teeth?
Jake: Oh, I didn't. It's still there. [reveals teeth] It'll be like a constant reminder of what life's all about.
BMO: ... This is unsatisfying!
Jake: ZIP IT!
[The scene is back to the Box Kingdom, still in chaos. Finn takes out a window cleaner from a box.]
Finn: [Sprays water on one of the princes.] Bad! Bad princes!
[All of the cats suddenly stop fighting.]
Finn: Which is which...?
Box Prince: [Licks Finn's leg.]
Finn: Awwww! [Picks up Box Prince] This is the one! This is your prince!
Box Prince #2: [Licks Finn's leg.]
Finn: [Picks up the other Box Prince] Or maybe this is the one!
[All of the cats walk away.]
Finn: Hmmm, is this... is this even a kingdom?
[Various cats surround Finn, displaying affection.]
Finn: Haha! Hey! Ow, you guys... aw, come on!
[Finn is completely swarmed by purring cats.]

Episode ends

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