Bouncy Bee is the first enemy in the game Guardians of Sunshine in the episode "Guardians of Sunshine." At the end of the episode, he and Hunny Bunny capture BMO, but Finn uses the Combo Move on him and the others. That causes him, Hunny Bunny, and Sleepy Sam to either be destroyed or imprisoned inside BMO again. One of Bouncy Bee's abilities is his stingers can stretch out and drill the enemy until it dies.


  • Inside the game, Bouncy Bee is very easy to defeat. Killing Bouncy Bee in the game earns the player 500 points.
  • Bouncy Bee is the only one of the three bosses to not have any lines.
  • In Level 2 of Rhythm Heroes, Bouncy Bee is one of the enemies in the game.


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