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Bounce House Princess is a princess who is a bounce house. She debuts in "Princess Potluck". When she invites Finn to "bounce around" in her bounce house, he feels uncomfortable and refuses. She protected everyone when Ice King attacked the princesses' potluck. As with most minor princesses, it is unknown if she rules a specific kingdom. In "Astral Plane", it is revealed that she lives in a cave, supporting the fact that she is one of the unregistered princesses; however, it might be due to her personality that she is not seen at the Princess Day event.


Princess Potluck[]

Bounce House Princess first appears at the Princess Potluck. Finn screams with joy when he sees her, thinking that an ordinary bounce house was set up for the party, and begins to climb inside. Just as he is about to enter, Bounce House Princess says, “Oh hi, Finn!” Finn blushes and apologizes. She is apparently unoffended and invites Finn to bounce around inside her, opening her netting for him. Embarrassed, he politely declines.

When the Ice King attacks the party, Bounce House Princess protects everyone by inviting them inside her. After learning that he was invited to the Princess Potluck all along, Ice King parties by jumping around inside Bounce House Princess.

Astral Plane[]

Bounce House Princess appears again in the episode "Astral Plane" in the next season. Some children, despite the time, appears to be still bouncing inside her, Bounce House Princess ejects them outside and heads to her house, revealing that she lives in a cave. Finn, who had entered his Astral Plane earlier in the episode, follows her inside and witness her applying cream on her face and combing her hair. Soon, a porcupine enters the house nonchalantly, shocking Bounce House Princess and causing her to proceed into the "Panic Room" to calm herself down by eating a jar of preserved "Froot Salad." However, the porcupine accidentally pressed the right code and proceed into the room, which causes the princess to drop her food and weep in fear as the intruder consumes the dropped food. Bounce House Princess then reprimands herself for shutting herself off from other people and consoles herself by reasoning that the porcupine may not be a threat to her after all but comes to a conclusion to avoid contact with it. Unfortunately, Bounce House Princess was deflated by the intruder immediately following after that. Finn recalls her situation at the end of the episode and recruits Jake to go help her.


In her first appearance, she was shown to be very cheerful and often invites people to bounce around inside her. However, in "Astral Plane," she was depicted as an introvert who shuts herself off from other people because she was afraid that they are threats to her. It was also pointed out that she does not enjoy meeting new people when she reprimands herself for her fears and not putting in the effort to get to know them multiple times. Her fear leads her to have a nervous breakdown when a porcupine enters her house nonchalantly and shows that she might have suffered from possible loneliness and lived in fear.


Bounce House Princess looks like a large, orange bounce house with red sides and windows made of netting. From behind she is nearly indistinguishable from an ordinary bounce house. On her front side, she has a white net with yellow trim, which people can part to enter the bounce house. Her face is far up on her body, above her netting, where she wears a golden crown with three spikes. Her purple hair extends across her entire ceiling. Inside, her floor is blue, but due to an error later in "Princess Potluck," her floor becomes red.

Bounce House Princess gestures and dances by waving her netting around, and moves by hopping.

Episode appearances[]

Minor appearances[]


Oh, hi, Finn.

Oh, that's okay, Finn. Maybe you'd like to come inside and bounce around for a little?

Quickly, everyone take refuge in my body!


  • Her voice almost sounds similar to Manfried's voice, but hers has a little more emotion.
  • She may be one of the unregistered princesses mentioned to exist, as she did not show up in "Princess Day."
  • The part where she invites Finn to bounce around inside her while she opens her net is actually censored and cut off from the version streamed on HBO Max.