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"Boss Marceline Who's In Charge Here" is a song sung by Marceline in the video game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! (3DS version). It was composed by Jake Kaufman and sung by Jessie Seely.

The music plays after Marceline agrees to rough up Finn for the Ice King in exchange for five dollars.


None will stand in my way
Tattered memories of those brighter days
Rosy cheeks all but drained
Watch the color fade away to gray
Flames may flicker as they die
And by the flames I mean your fragile hopes
Like the candles on a cake
For all those birthdays where you never came
Gonna show ya who's in charge here (who's in charge here)
Gonna keep on living large here (living large here)
Gonna shatter your resolve here (your resolve here)
Gonna bite your faces off here (faces off here)

Cut Lyrics[]


Adventure Time 3DS Music - Who's In Charge Here (Marceline Boss)

Original version

The following lines were cut from the final version of the game. They were revealed during an official release of the soundtrack on Soundcloud. 

Like so many broken toys
I grow tired of your constant plans
Why play hero, what's the point
Watch us fade into obscurity
Watch your friendships erode
Like a river through a mountain pass
Cuts so deep into my soul
It's enough to make a person snap
Gonna show ya who's the boss here (who's the boss here)
Gonna get my point across here (point across here)
Gonna take ya for a spin here (for a spin here)
Gonna rip ya limb from limb here (limb from limb here)

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