The Book of Royal Rules first appears in "The Silent King" and includes 623 rules. After Finn becomes the king of goblins, Gummy reads it to Finn and Jake, putting them both to sleep.


It is a very thick navy blue book with a golden font and margin.

List of known rules

  • The king/queen cannot brush his/her own teeth.
  • The king/queen cannot cut his/her own food.
  • The king/queen cannot eat his/her food unless it is pre-chewed.
  • The king/queen cannot fight, but rather give speeches.1
  • The king/queen cannot give his/her own speech and must let the royal speaker give the speech.
  • The king/queen cannot look through the telescope. (?)1

1 Finn broke it.


Introduction, colon, the 623 royal rules were established in moon year 16, in response to Elder Gorflox's repeated requests for an organized...

Gummy in "The Silent King"

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