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The Book of Poisons is the book Margaret consulted in the episode "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" to learn how to cure Joshua after he was bitten by the Shape-shifter.


The book cover is colored blue. The front cover was not seen. The back cover was just colored blue and was plain. The spine of the book contained the book's title, a symbol of a skull and crossbones and two yellow lines at the bottom of the spine.


Only two pages of the pages were seen, and the following is what was contained in those two pages. (Note: [...] represents text that could not be seen or deduced.)

First Page

  • So you've been bitten by a venomous monster. Time to die. Just kidding. That's a bit of venomous bite humor to calm you down, as a low pulse is critical to surviving a bite. More on that later. Do not be worried. You've got this book on venom and antidotes, and it is excellent. You're going to be alright. Just relax and read through this information. It's very important that you read through this thoroughly, as bites must be dealt with judiciously and concisely. Many people have ... venomous bites and it is our opinion that most, if not ... fatalities could have been prevented had the vic-... educated on venomous bites. PLEASE, do not skip ... sentence, footnote, or word in this book. It is critical ... necessary information on the care, treatment ... prevention of venomous bites BUT, as I have ... You've got this book on venom and ... book. The authors are supremely ... the solution to your bite and venom ... According to the WHO, this is the ... book on bites out today. We are ... further ado, let us begin with ... a venomous bite.

Second Page (Venomous Bites in Society and Culture)

  • Cleopatra, one character in an Arthur Conan Doyle story; what do these characters have in common? These are fictional characters that have died of venomous bites that could be found within a short internet search. What else do they all have in common? They did not possess this fantastic book on venom and antidotes. Mistake number one. This book is really good you guys. It's questionable whether or not fictional characters created after this book can die of venomous bites. We believe readers would find it unrealistic.

Steps on curing venomous bites (Also second page):

  1. Grab Venomous Creature
  2. Poke Teeth Into the net above the cup
  3. Push down on back of the head
  4. Milk Dat Creature
  5. Make Anti-Venom
  6. Use the Anti-Venom
  7. You're Okay Now
  8. Don't Get Bit Again, Please


  • The skull and crossbone seen on the spine of the book represents poison, among other things.

Cultural references[]

  • The book states, "According to the WHO..." In modern day, the WHO is the short form of the World Health Organization, the specialized agency of the United Nations dealing with public health.
  • The book also states "Cleopatra, one character in an Arthur Conan Doyle story." which refers to an actual historical person and an actual author in the modern day.
    • Furthermore, Cleopatra committed suicide by having a poisonous Egyptian cobra bite her.