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Boobafina makes an appearance in the episodes "Storytelling" and "Come Along With Me." She has a crush on Mr. Goose, and to complicate matters, Mr. Fox is infatuated with Boobafina, and they kiss against their will, courtesy of Finn. She becomes upset because she feels Mr. Goose will now never have feelings for her because she's been "soiled." However, at the Rite of Forest Justice, it is revealed that Mr. Goose had been wanting to date her for years. The two were both happy to know of each other's affections while Mr. Fox, on the other hand, was told to move on, and he admits it is for the best. Her relationship with Mr. Fox is now unclear.

In "Together Again", Boobafina is said to have been reincarnated as a tugboat.

As stated by character designer Andy Ristaino, she is not the same duck that appears in "Conquest of Cuteness".[2]


Boobafina is a white goose with a wavy teal band around her neck. The main difference in her and Mr. Goose's appearance is that his band is not wavy, and he doesn't have eyelashes. She seems to be shorter than Mr. Goose.


Ugh, what a weirdo! You are one sick man, mister.

(Spitting) Phoo, phoo! I can't believe you made me do that! I'm secretly in love with Mr. Goose, and now he'll never love me, because now I'm soiled. Aah! (Runs off into the forest crying)


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