This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Bonnibel Bubblegum" from season 10, which aired on September 17, 2017.

Princess Bubblegum
Great Uncle Gumbald/Punchy (flashback)
Aunt Lolly/Manfried (flashback)
Cousin Chicle/Crunchy (flashback)
Neddy (flashback)
Mr. Cream Puff (flashback)
Science (cameo, flashback)
Apple cider pond
Lake Butterscotch
Candy Kingdom
Tree Fort
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[Scene begins with Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Finn and Jake relaxing in a serene apple cider pond. Jake and Finn are swimming in the pond]
Finn: [GASPS] Whew. A goblet of sparkling apple juice for milady.
Princess Bubblegum: Thanks, Finn. Hey where'd you get this goblet?
Finn: Oh, uh, I think we won it in a fight with an octopus we were fighting in, like, a sea cave full of treasure?
Jake: No. It was from when BMO was playing dress-up.
Princess Bubblegum: It reminds me of a cup my uncle used to have.
Finn: You mean your Uncle Gumbald, right?
Jake: Do tell. You never talk about your family.
Princess Bubblegum: I don't know. Families are tricky. You guys know what I mean, right? [ Marceline and Finn nod yes, Jake nods no] We have to go back a ways Like 800 years ago.
[Scene changes to 800 years ago in a desolate and abandoned land]
[Whirs And Beeps] [Glass shatters]
Young Bubblegum: [Sighs]
Goblin: Help! Help me! Oh, goodness me. Someone please help me. I'm a defenseless little goblin surrounded by all this loot. Boo-hoo.
[Animal grunts]
Young Princess Bubblegum: Oh, you poor thing, here. Have a drink to ease your nerves while I untie you.
Goblin: Pfft! Aah! The time for faking is over now. Give me all your stuff.
[Bubblegum pulls out a pea shooter]
Goblin: [Chuckles] What? You brought a peashooter to a techno-harpoon fight?! [SNAP] Aah! [Groans] [Gets electrocuted] Aah-aah-aaah!
Young Bubblegum: Another close call today, Neddy.
Neddy: [Squeals] [Whimpers]
Young Bubblegum: Neddy, you sweet chicken. [Beatboxing] It was a lot different back in the Mother Gum. We all had each other's backs. I'm going to make more of us, Neddy. I know you don't care, and that's fine. But I need to be around people like me.
[Bubblegum heads out] [Scene changes to some time later]
Young Bubblegum: O-kay! This is it, Neddy. We're getting relatives!
[Electricity crackles] [Whimpers] [Grunts] [Sizzling]
Young Bubblegum: [Laughs] It worked! [To the elderly female figure on far right]:Your name is Aunt Lolly!
Lolly: A pleasure to meet you, dear.
Young Bubblegum: [To the young male figure in the middle]: And you're Cousin Chicle. You're a full 2.3 meters tall.
Cousin Chicle: Naturally I am a gentleman of high standing.
Young Bubblegum: Oh, Cousin Chicle. And finally Uncle Gumbald! This is your favorite mug.
Uncle Gumbald: Ah, yes. [Examines mug] I'm your GREAT uncle. The mug proclaims it so.
Young Bubblegum: Aren't they great, Neddy? You'll be my protectors, my advisers, my family.
[A montage of the Gum family at work renovating the “Candy Town” is shown] [A scene is shown of the same night where Uncle Gumbald is cutting down the taffy trees]
Young Bubblegum: I'm heading out, Neddy. [Notices the trees are gone] What? What? What?!
Uncle Gumbald: Morning, small niece.
Young Bubblegum: Uncle Gumbald, the taffy trees are gone!
Uncle Gumbald: I know. I chopped 'em down last night. [Scene changes, Bubblegum is riding on a cart with Uncle Gumbald as they arrive at a cabin] Yesterday, I realized these trees were not being utilized to their full potential, so I elected to build this cabin. This is but the first step in building my glorious new candy city. I've already drawn up the plans for it. All of this will be apartments. And did you notice the family crest I designed? It's a "G" for, uh "Gum".
Young Bubblegum: Why does it look like your head?
Uncle Gumbald: [LAUGHS] You're such a curious little girl. We're a lifestyle brand now.
Scene changes to later in the night
Young Bubblegum: Success! Now instead of worrying about his dumb city, Uncle can come here to picnic, swim, and, uh fish!
Young Bubblegum: [Bubblegum in her makeshift lab] [Electricity crackles] Welcome to life, Candyfish.
Candy Fish: [GASPS] I can't breathe air!
Uncle Gumbald: Bonnie! What have you done to my building site?
Young Bubblegum: I made us a butterscotch lake and a fish to live in it.
Uncle Gumbald: But that's where the gift shop was gonna go.Now it's just gonna be volleyballs, water skis, and shrimp cocktails.
Candy Fish: Sounds nice.
Uncle Gumbald: Did you say you "made" this creature?
Young Bubblegum: Come on. You'll appreciate him more once you watch him swim around.[Bubblegum walks outside with Candy Fish in hand]
Uncle Gumbald: Bonnibel you've micromanaged me for the last time. [Notices a Magazine under Bubblegums pet rat “Science”] Huh? Hmm. I think it's time for Bonnie to be re-branded.
[In a later scene]
Uncle Gumbald: Niece, now that I've had to stare at it for weeks, I've got to admit that your lake was a very good idea.
Lolly: Ja! Sehr gut!
Chicle: Very wunderbar.
Young Bubblegum: Oh, I'm so happy.
Uncle Gumbald: We got you a gift to say thanks. It's right outside, Prinzessin.
Young Bubblegum: [GASPS] You got me a car?
Uncle Gumbald: Yes, a car. But also a boyfriend!
Mr. Cream Puff: Hi, babe.Beep beep!
Young Bubblegum: Wait, what?
Uncle Gumbald: All right, you nut. Have fun on your date.
Young Bubblegum: Date?!
[Engine starts]
Mr. Cream Puff: Let's go, babe. Beep beep!
[Tires screech]
Uncle Gumbald: What a naive little child.
Mr. Cream Puff: Date's over, babe. Pick you up tomorrow to get matching tattoos.
Young Bubblegum: I'm back from that terrible date. Hello?
Uncle Gumbald: Thank you for coming to the mandatory optimization meeting. Tonight, we address the "Bonnie problem".
Young Bubblegum: Bonnie problem?
Uncle Gumbald: Our future city is on course to be a rousing success, barring only one obstacle Our complete lack of competent leadership.
BB's the leader? I thought she was a mime. Cause I never hear a word she says.
Both Uncle Gumbald And Aunt Lolly together: Oh, Cousin Chicle! Oh, Cousin Chicle!
Young Bubblegum: Dang, Chicle, that's cold.
Uncle Gumbald: I have formulated a happy juice that will render her as docile and simple-minded as her cutie BF, young Mr.Creampuff.
Young Bubblegum: [Gasps]
Uncle Gumbald: All we have to do is sprinkle some of this on her breakfast, and we'll be in charge.Let us celebrate with coup d'etat cupcakes.
Chicle: Poisoned cakes. [POOF!]
Crunchy: Where am I?
Lolly: Oh, right, the poison. [POOF!]
Manfried: I don't know what's happening! Whee! Whee! Whee! Whee!
Uncle Gumbald: Ah! My first candy employees.
Young Bubblegum: What have you done? This isn't what I made you to be.
Uncle Gumbald: No, you wanted us to be lowly pet fish, swimming in your narcissistic pond. But I am your equal!
Young Bubblegum: You're not like me. You're bad.
Uncle Gumbald: I am the future. Come on, Bonnie. Don't run away from happiness. I'm going to fix you. And then, I'm going to fix that sniveling gumwad, Neddy.
Young Bubblegum: Don't touch my brother! [Pulls our pea shooter]
Uncle Gumbald: A pea-shooter? [The flask breaks] The juice! Nooooo!
Punch Bowl: [LAUGHS] Hey! Where's the party? [GOOFY LAUGHTER]
Young Bubblegum: [Sighs] What a mess. But they do seem happier now So unburdened and pliable. You, the crunchy ball, dance for me.
Crunchy: Sure. [Starts dancing] Come on, lady. Do the crunchy dance.
Young Bubblegum: Oh, Crunchy. Sure, I'll dance with my candy people.
Crunchy: Yay for the lady!
Young Princess Bubblegum: Call me Princess.
Everybody: Hurrah!
[Flash forward to present day treehouse. Princess Bubblegum and Finn are washing dishes]
Finn: Whoa, for real?
Princess Bubblegum: Like I said, families are tricky. [GASPS] BMO! Where did you get this cup?
BMO: From that guy! The guy on the cup! The guy who's face is on the cup that guy!
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